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YUMI ™ Lashes



YUMI™ LASHES is a HEALTHY treatment that lifts and boosts your NATURAL lashes. It covers your lashes with rich keratin and vitamins that nourishes and keeps them strong. YUMI™ Tint revives, deepens and emphasizes the shade of your eyelash. Treatment takes only 45 minutes and is very comfortable for the client. Treatment lasts between 8 and 12 weeks, or the regular life cycle of your eyelash.

A traditional perm curls lashes inward making them appear shorter, not to mention the harsh chemicals and potent odour that comes along with it. YUMI™ LASHES turns the eyelashes UPWARD, gives them HEIGHT, VOLUME, LENGTH, giving the appearance of having LONGER and THICKER lashes.


YUMI™ LASHES lengthens your own lashes without applying lash extensions. It may be used in collabaration with lash extensions to help aid their application when your lashes are too straight or excessively bent. ​​

I was certified in Los Angeles, California by Celebrity Lash Techinician, Elize Zhadikpur. She is considered the "Master Trainer" of this exclusive treatment. Her work has been published in prestige magazines such as Allure, Cosmopolitan, and Elle. Some of her work can be viewed in the gallery below. 


No other lash lift organization can compare to YUMI™ LASHES! Our items contain no perming agents or formaldehyde and is hypoallergenic. Please read the Lash Prep and After Care tab for persons who should not have this treatment done. Please feel free to contact me if you need any more information. 

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